The Best Popcorn You Can Get Your Hands On

The Best Popcorn You Can Get Your Hands On

Popcorn is probably the best type of snack you can get. It is high in fiber, naturally gluten-free and with only a few simple ingredients you can make endless flavor combinations.

With such a versatile and much-beloved product, chances are you will be buying popcorn frequently. That being the case, buying your popcorn from is a good idea. Order your popcorn or add it to your Amazon Pantry Box from the comfort of wherever you connect to the internet and have it delivered to your doorstep.

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One stroll down the aisle of your local supermarket or scroll through the Amazon pages will quickly convince you that there are a plethora of popcorn kernel options out there. To assist you in making a great choice for the best popcorn, we've compiled a shortlist of popcorn we recommend.

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Best Popcorn

This topic will help you choose the best popcorn in the market. Here are our top recommendations:

Winner: Orville Redenbacher's Gourmet Popcorn Kernels

If we are going to make best popcorn recommendations, there is no other place to start than with Orville Redenbacher´s. This brand has been developing and selling popcorn since 1970 and has been a national leader in the popcorn market ever since.

We love the fact that the Original Yellow Popcorn Kernels, and all of Orville Redenbacher's products, are 100 % natural and verified Non-GMO. It never fails to deliver a crispy outside and a fluffy tender inside.

Orville Redenbacher Popcorn Kernel



The quality of these popcorn kernels is evident once you start popping them. The kernels turn into light, fluffy, crispy, delicious-tasting popcorn. You’re in luck since the un-popped kernels to popped kernels ratio is extremely low, so you get a lot more popcorn per bag than you would out of other options.

This pop-eagerness makes them perfect for popping in any way that you prefer, whether that is on the stovetop, or with an electrical or air popper. The versatile options available to you makes them an ideal snack that will always come in handy.

Runner Up: Popcornopolis

Popcorn can be so much fun, but you already knew that and so do the people at Popcornopolis. Their 12 Cone Snack Pack is probably the most fun thing to happen to popcorn. Whether it's the iconic cone-shaped packaging or the four delicious flavors, this pack is sure to be a party favorite.

In the pack you’ll find 12 cones, 3 of each of these four delicious flavors:

  • Caramel Corn
  • Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
  • Kettle Corn
  • Zebra Corn, unique to Popcornopolis and the ultimate party popcorn: white and dark chocolate covered caramel popcorn
Popcornopolis Gluten Free 12 Cone Snack Pack



All that fun and those delicious flavors shouldn't come with any extra guilt, so Popcornopolis makes sure all their products are gluten-free, GMO-free, high fructose corn syrup free, trans fat-free, MSG free, additive free, artificial preservatives free and are cooked in pure coconut oil.

Alternative: Kirkland Signature - Microwave Popcorn

If you are looking for the best microwave popcorn to buy in bulk, then this is it. The Kirkland Microwave Popcorn pack includes 44 individually packaged bags of microwave popcorn at a very competitive price.

Microwave popcorn is the easiest way to scramble up a snack, and millions of us do it regularly.

Kirkland Signature Microwave Popcorn



What we love the most? The taste. The Kirkland Microwave Popcorn turns out amazing since the kernels pop fluffy and crisp, with a very satisfying balance of butter and salt. It’s not so oily that it coats your mouth, but not so salty as to leave you thirsty, as can be the case with most other microwave popcorn brands.

This popcorn seems to come out nearly perfect every time. The individual kernels are big and fluffy, and there seems to be little to no un-popped kernels left at the bottom of the bag. Also, we have yet to find someone who has burned them.

Quality Pop – How To Choose Quality Popcorn?

What determines the quality of the popcorn? Let's take a look on what you need to pay attention on when buying a popcorns.


All other facts aside, the freshness of the kernels will affect the overall flavor and pop of the popcorn. When buying kernels to make popcorn, make sure you find them in resealable air-tight containers. This rings especially true if you want the kernels to remain fresh for as long as possible.

Popping Method

Not every popcorn will pop the same. So to ensure you get the most pop out of your kernels, buy kernels that are specifically designed to be popped adhering to your preferred method. In other words, don't try to pop microwave popcorn on the stovetop or vice-versa.

Feed Grade Yellow Corn


When possible, opt for non-GMO kernels or popcorn without added preservatives. Popcorn is naturally gluten-free and high in fiber, so just be careful with added ingredients, especially in pre-popped and microwave popcorn.

How Much Popcorn Should I Eat?

If you are looking for a healthy snack, you should look no further because popcorn is the answer. However, not all popcorn is healthy, it just depends on how it is prepared and the toppings. 

Plain, air-popped popcorn contains about 30 calories per cup and is high in fiber; pretty good for a snack. As an added benefit the irregular, air-filled shape of popcorn goes a long way to helping you feel full faster.

Obviously, adding butter and sugar or heaps of salt to your popcorn will mitigate a lot of the health benefits of this whole-grain snack. Whenever adding these types of toppings, you should be careful about the quantity you consume. Try keeping your total servings to 2 cups max. 

If you steer clear of fats, oils, butter, sugars, and salts, there is no reason to curb your popcorn appetite. And yes, popcorn can still be delicious without these ingredients, try:

  • Crushed red pepper or cayenne for spicy popcorn
  • Lemon pepper for zesty popcorn
  • Basil, oregano, and parsley for a herbal popcorn


As far as snacks go, popcorn cannot be beaten. With just a few added ingredients popcorn can satisfy the most veracious sweet-tooth, the fun-loving popcorn partygoer, and those that are health conscious.  It is easy snack to prepare and quite filling.  With so many ways to prepare it, you'll never get tired of it.

Popcorns In Bag

We recommend you get the Orville Redenbacher’s Original Yellow popcorn kernels, not only are they top notch, the fact that you prepare it yourself means you can add any and all seasonings and toppings that you want.

If you are looking for a tasty gift or a fun lunchtime snack to bring to work or school, then go for the Popcornopolis 12 Cone Snack Pack. It is delicious gourmet popcorn using 100% American-grown kernels that are also , non-GMO. Due to its unique packaging, it will make a great gift. 

However, if you like your popcorn freshly popped but would instead not pop the kernels yourself, then go for the Kirkland Microwave Popcorn. They taste great and the 44 packs included will keep you supplied for a good long while.

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