Nostalgia CCP399 Vintage Popcorn Maker Review

Nostalgia CCP399 Popcorn Popper Review

Finding the right popcorn popper is a matter of knowing exactly what you want out of your product. Since there is such a variety of types of models, you will find that it is crucial to know in advance what you need. This is why reviews are so helpful when it comes to this type of product.

The type of popcorn maker that we will be discussing today is a vintage style popcorn machine, so we will first start by giving a short overview of these types of machines. Vintage popcorn makers are typically some of the most aesthetically pleasing popcorn poppers.

While old popcorn machines may have the upper hand regarding style, they are nowhere near as effective regarding electrical efficiency. Plus, they are typically no longer manufactured. This is where retro style machines come into play.

Putting Corn Grains In Popcorn Popper

These machines feature the styling and attractive colors of older popcorn machines combined with the effectiveness of their modern counterparts. The exterior looks as if it was manufactured 50 years ago. However, today's models are wired with brand new heating elements and other features which improve effectiveness and efficiency.

A vintage popcorn machine embodies the novelty and nostalgia which is typically associated with the fairground treat. Also, it allows you to select your desired toppings. Most importantly, you get to enjoy the experience of cooking popcorn in an old style machine.

In addition to the experience of making your popcorn, this machine will certainly be a focal point in your kitchen or your game room. Thanks to the aesthetics of old style popcorn machines, they tend to add a certain flair to wherever they are located. 

Heating Ability

Older vintage popcorn machines are inferior to newer models in their capacity to heat the popcorn kernels quickly and evenly. This is why retro-styled machines are so superior. Since they use modern technology, they can ensure a better, more even job in heating your popcorn.

Unfortunately, simply using modern technology is not sufficient to ensure proper heating of your popcorn. The heating systems must also be well built so they heat evenly and are durable.


It is also important to ensure that your popcorn machine is reliable. You'll be able to keep a dependable machine long-term compared to one which is built inexpensively. Even if an unstable machine is still technically functioning, it may result in your popcorn being burnt or otherwise cooked imperfectly. 

Popcorns In Nostalgia CCP399 Popcorn Popper

There are many components which can fail in a popcorn popper, so it is paramount that you search for reliability. Funny enough, reliability is one of the areas in which older popcorn machines are superior, with many machines still functioning to this very day.

About The Product

If you are looking for a popcorn popper which combines old-fashioned styling with modern effectiveness, this product should be perfect for you. Manufactured by Nostalgia, this is a fitting name for a manufacturer of an old style popcorn popper. Here are some of the main features of this product :

  • Features a 2.5-ounce kettle
  • Tempered glass on the windows and the door
  • Tilt door for better access
  • Removable top
  • Capacity- Ten (10) cups


There are many features which make this product far more convenient than the models from the past from which it takes its inspiration. One of the more convenient features of this design is the ability to convert it from a standing model to a countertop model by removing the top from the base. This makes it a far more versatile choice than many other vintage machines.

This model also has a large enough capacity to make enough popcorn for several people.


We were highly impressed by this product’s reliability compared to many other options in this category. The quality is better than you would expect from a popcorn popper in this price range, featuring tempered glass on the windows and doors. In addition, it is made from stable components. 

Popcorns In Paper Bag

The tilt door allows you to scoop out your popcorn once it has been popped more easily. The 2.5 ounce capacity of the kettle also allows you to pop more popcorn at any given time, though it would be preferable for this model to feature a larger kettle.

This model is also surprisingly easy to use compared to other types of standing popcorn makers. One of the best aspects of this product, however, is the ability to separate it from the base so that you can place it on your counter and use it as a countertop popcorn popper.

What Others Say

We have searched the internet and dredged up some of the most helpful reviews and testimonials from customers who have purchased this product. Most of the praise was directed towards this product’s retro looks and the ability to convert this model into a countertop popcorn popper.

Another area to which heavy praise was directed was the inclusion of a full tilting door to allow you to scoop out your popped popcorn more quickly. One common criticism that we noticed was due to the small size of this model, with many customers wishing that it came in a larger size.

Buying Advice

This product may be purchased from many online retailers including This popcorn popper typically retails for a little over one-hundred dollars, which is a decent price when you consider the quality of this machine. 

Nostalgia CCP399 Popcorn Popper


If you are searching for a popcorn popper which features believable retro styling combined with excellent interior components, look no further than Nostalgia’s CCP399 model. We hope that this review has been helpful for you.


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